“Turbans” Cast and Crew


Narrator                                              Kartar Dhillon (on whose memoirs the film is based)

Mother                                                 Meera Simhan

Father                                                  Kavi Raz

Daughter                                             Juhi Dudani (playing Kartar Dhillon)

Older son                                            Neil Merchant

Younger son                                        Yogananda Touzene

Shaheed                                              Shishir Kurup

Bully (Clarence)                                   Kyle Reed

Thoughtful girl                                      Kassandria Jones

Bully’s sidekick                                    Dustin Riches

Schoolchildren                                     Tressa Bender, Margit Bowler, Linda Brown, Stephanie Chestnut, David Dougherty, Syd Lane, Gus Ludlow, Kathleen Mueller, Ryder Nishioka, Solon Nodal, Matt Taylor, Amber Willes

Schoolteacher                                      Nancy Hower

Principal                                               Mike Genovese

Kuldeep                                                Rajeev Chhibber

Ashok                                                 Shelley Malil

Hari                                                     Jit Sarkar

Haircutter                                            Supinder Bedi

Mother’s friend                          Page Leong

Millworkers                                Jim Boswell, Kevin McCann, Donald R. Neal, Henry  Penner


Written and Directed by                 Erika Surat Andersen

Based on the memoirs of              Kartar Dhillon

Produced by                                 Carol Ruiz and Erika Andersen

Director of Photography               Jules Labarthe

Production Designer                      Kelly Deco

Costume Designer                         Theresa Lee Costanzo

Music Composed by                     Paul Z. Livingstone

Co-Producer                                 Mark Seldis

Associate Producer                       Jules Labarthe

Production Coordinator                 Lisa Redmond

First Assistant Director                  Elizabeth M. Knaski

Editors                                          Monina Verano and Erika Andersen

First Assistant Camera                 Ann Kaneko, Clayton Tripp, Carter Smith

Second Assistant Camera            Nora Colie, Jim Koral

2nd Unit Photography                  Robert Bruce McCleery

Script Supervisor                          Sandy Parker

Still Photographer                          Casey Stoll

Sound Mixer                                 Amir Mashayekhi

Boom Operator                             Marcelo Wolde

Head Construction/Greens            Casey Stoll

General Foreman                           Jim Boswell

Sound Supervisor                           Lydian Tone, M.P.S.E.


Sitar, Fretless & Classical guitars            Paul Z. Livingstone

Mridangam, Kanjira                                Poovalur Srinivasan

Bansuri, Duduk, Bamboo sax                Pedro Eustache

Tabla, Pakhawaj, Ghatam                      Leonice Shinneman

Five-string Banjo                                   Gary W. Spangler

Esraj                                                      Fred Siciliano


“Turbans” was filmed on location in Astoria, Oregon and Oysterville, Washington.  The filmmakers are indebted to the people of these communities for their hospitality and generosity in the making of this film.

“Turbans” was funded in part by the Center for Asian American Media, part of the Minority Consortium of the PBS (the Public Broadcasting System).