Curriculum Vitae


  • Master of Fine Arts, Cinema-Television Production, Univ. of Southern California (USC)
  • Bachelor of Arts, Computer Science, University of California, Berkeley


  • Second Chances, a feature film in development, about two people who never should have met … [more]
  • Turbans, 30 minute film for PBS, Writer/Director: ‘Turbans’ explores the inner struggles of an Asian Indian immigrant family torn between … [more] 
  • Out of Order: the German military’s role in the Danish Rescue of the Jews, Writer, 90 mins. During World War II, Denmark was the only country in occupied Europe that managed to … [more]
  • Blues March: The Soldier Jon Hendricks, Post-Production & Archival footage Supervisor Documentary about how the African-American jazz great Jon Hendricks had to fight World War II … [more]
  • None of the Above: People of Multiracial Heritage, 23 mins., PBS, Writer/Director: At times serious, at times humorous, the film explores the emotional reality of what it’s like to be racially unclassifiable … [more]
  • The Woodlands, Writer/Director/Camera, 10 mins. An innovative elementary school offers programs in peaceful conflict resolution and … [more]
  • Psychology on Film, Television pilot, Director, 30 mins.
    Directed this television pilot where co-hosts illuminate psychological concepts in current cinema … [more]
  • My Brother and Me, 10 min, Writer/Director. Experimental film exploring themes of memory, innocence and family trauma.
  • Build Homes, Not Bombs, 18 min., Director. Video for the Jobs with Peace campaign showing the connections between homelessness, lack of affordable housing and the increase in military spending.
  • New Music from Somerville, featuring Tracy Chapman, Director/Host, 60 mins. Cable TV show with interview and live studio performance from Tracy Chapman shortly before she released debut album, ‘Talking ’bout a Revolution’.  [more]
  • Experimental Occupation Therapy, Producer/Camera, series 1-hour educational videos.Videos for the American Occupational Therapists Assoc. on state-of-the-art physical &occupational therapy in the areas of spinal cord injury, hand injury and neurology.
  • Boston’s First annual Youth Congress, Director/Camera, 10 min. video.
    Documentary about the first ever city-wide conference of teenagers discussing drugs, crime, pregnancy and race relations.  Shown by Boston Mayor Raymond Flynn at that year’s National Conference of Mayors in San Antonio, Texas.
  • Pablo Casals: Of Music and Humanity, Editor, 90 mins., documentary.
  • Tales of Arab Detroit, Co-Editor, 45 mins., documentary.
  • Great Day in Havana , Camera, 80 mins. Filmed interview with Cuban actor Jorge Perugorria, star of Strawberry & Chocolate, as well as other Cuban artists
  • Operation Pedro Pan, Camera, documentary feature.
  • Fidel, Camera, documentary, Filmed interview with directors Sydney Pollack, Haskell Wexler and Randa Haines
  • Imbazo, Sound production & Sound editing, 20 mins., narrative, 16mm.
  • Three Blocks South of Paradise, Sound recording, 50 mins, narrative, 16mm